Venezuela will ratify the Convention to Facilitate International Maritime Traffic

The National Institute of Aquatic Spaces (INEA) held this Thursday the first preparatory meeting to refine the details prior to the ratification of the Convention to Facilitate International Maritime Traffic (FAL-65 Convention).

The authorities refine the details so that maritime traffic is faster. It is not necessary to cede any type of maritime sovereignty to give way to international agreements.

This preparatory meeting is a space where various proposals of interest can be consolidated, in order to execute tangible actions to make Venezuela a space in maritime traffic. These preparatory meetings constitute an important step before requesting advice from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), to improve the FAL-65 Convention.

It should be noted that this advice will be carried out through a virtual meeting with the members of the aforementioned body, scheduled between June and July, INEA reported in a press release.


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