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Venezuela rejects the report of the Fact-Checking Mission at the UN

Venezuela rejects the report of the Fact-Checking Mission at the UN

Venezuela reiterated its condemnation and denounced before the Council of the United Nations Organization (UN) the systematic policy used by the United States and its allies in the European Union, of manipulating the issue of Human Rights as a political instrument of interventionism and aggression against the Government of President Nicolás Maduro.

The statement was made by the permanent representative of Venezuela to the UN, Héctor Constant, during his speech at the Human Rights Council of the organization, in which he emphasized that given the constant manipulation of the issue “our desire is to promote and defend Human Rights , but not from an interventionist and punitive point of view, but from a transparent and cooperative vision, based on dialogue and respect”.

The representative of Venezuela thus rejected the oral report presented to the Human Rights Council by the so-called “Fact Verification Mission”, a hostile monitoring mechanism against Venezuela, extended by vote last year.

“We are making an act of presence in this council based on the delegitimized resolution that renewed the mandate of this hostile monitoring mechanism in my country, which was firmly rejected by Venezuela along with a significant number of nations,” Constant said.

Aggress instead of cooperating

He recalled that this meeting is part of the strategy designed by the United States and its allies in the European Union and some countries in the Latin American region that “prefer to attack rather than cooperate,” he added.

Likewise, he affirmed that the so-called “Fact Verification Mission” “disgracefully instrumentalizes human rights against Venezuela, with a million-dollar budget that is squandered, much larger than that available to the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Caracas for its activity in the nation”.

“It is about continuing to use Human Rights as the preferred instrument against Venezuela to keep the media campaign against the Bolivarian Government active, as well as to feed matrices on alleged systematic violations against Human Rights for dark political purposes,” he stressed.

Constant continued by asserting that “the intention of this pseudo-mission is obvious”, in which it is observed how the reports presented are always in press conferences before being exposed before this Council, “which we will not fail to condemn as a wrong practice that undermines the majesty necessary for the due treatment of Human Rights”.

“As Cicero said: there is nothing as quick as slander, nothing easier to launch, easier to accept or faster to spread”, he added.

He recounted that “20 years ago lie was presented to the world to invade a sovereign country, everyone who raised their voices to deny that was subjugated by the destructive spirit of unilateralism. Given this, we will not let the slanderers continue their attempts at invasions, and attempts at assassinations.”

Venezuela will continue to fight sanctions

In this sense, Constant made it clear that Venezuela will not rest in its condemnation of the practices of using sanctions to sully sovereign States and try to “take away our dignity.”

“The danger is still there, but so is the resistance and the victorious strength of those of us who know how to identify and denounce it,” he said.

He recalled that in less than four years “Venezuela has twice received the high-ranking exponents of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and speeches are still heard alleging that we do not cooperate.”

“Come to understand that cooperation is associated with the word respect and from there Venezuela will be willing to share its reality because it has nothing to hide,” he said.

Venezuela will continue to build its future and fight against unilateral coercive measures, “those that they never dare to name,” Constant stressed.

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