Velázquez renounces the presidential candidacy and the vice presidency

The Vice President of the Republic Hugo Velazquez announces that he resigns from the candidacy for the presidency of the Republic

According to Velazquez, he was surprised that his name is on the list of “significantly corrupt” of the Embassy of the United States. «It fell like a bucket of cold water, I don’t know what was being talked about. As a pre-candidate for President of the Republic, having the fight against organized crime as a discourse, that makes me feel bad and I have to be consistent».

“I am going to resign my candidacy for the presidency of the Republic and I will present my resignation as Vice President of the Republic. The complaint of an alleged bribery was very volatile, I don’t know if there is a criminal case. I have no idea of ​​the accusation. I must take care of the principles for which I have fought,” said Vice President Hugo Velázquez. to the station 1080 am.

He commented that he found out through the President of the Republic, Mario Abdo Benítez. “Three minutes before the conference he told me that they were going to give my name, he asked me what I would do, and I told him that if we are fighting organized crime with what face would I continue, before I knew it I communicated that I would make this decision,” he remarked. Velazquez.

«Juan Carlos Duarte has been a friend of mine for quite some time. At the time I received an acknowledgment from the FBI. I have no idea what the declaration of significantly corrupt can be about, especially when they talk about the fact that it could harm me financially »he explained.

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