Prosecutor denies having been part of the special team in the White Necks case

Alejandra Cárdenas Ávila resigned on August 9 from the position of deputy supreme prosecutor in Lima, a fact that was taken up by government spokesmen to question the head of the Public Ministry, who is investigating President Pedro Castillo in five criminal cases.

Cárdenas was part of the Second Temporary Supreme Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Crimes of Public Officials, which was headed by the resigning prosecutor Bersabeth Revilla.

Prime Minister Aníbal Torres has indicated that Benavides removed Revilla to “dismantle” the special team of the White Necks case, which investigates judges and prosecutors accused of acts of corruption. However, from the Prosecutor’s Office they have rejected that version and assured that the former prosecutor was not part of the team.

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Along these lines, Cárdenas Ávila told Peru21 that he “never” saw a case related to that process and clarified that his resignation is due to the fact that he wants to return to his place of origin in Arequipa, as a provincial prosecutor.

“I resign to return to my city, for personal and family reasons,” he told this newspaper. And he added: “I do not want my resignation to be instrumentalized to harm the institution, it is a resignation that is due to personal reasons.”

Yesterday, presidents of the Board of Superior Prosecutors spoke in support of the decisions adopted by the Prosecutor of the Nation.

“Each act of investigation, requirements and (fiscal) provisions are based on evidence. We are all equal before the law, all prosecutors respect the Constitution, “said Benavides in a statement that he made public this week after receiving attacks.


Prosecutor denies having been part of the special team in the White Necks case

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