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Variation of electrical voltage puts residents of Ciudad Juan Bosch in anxiety

Santo Domingo East.- Hundreds of residents in the Juan Bosch City have complained about the constant variations in electrical voltage that have been recorded in recent weeks.

Until this medium, we have received information from people who have purchased apartments in the different residential areas of Ciudad Juan Bosch, expressing the little attention they receive without any positive responses in this regard, in addition, they fear for the damage that their electrical appliances represent. due to the variation of the electrical voltage.

Such is the case of Mr. Juan Carlos Pina, who resides in the Residencial Dos Amigos of the aforementioned housing complex, says that they have complained on several occasions in the offices so that the Electricity Distribution Company of the East -Edeeste-, resolves the situation.

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He argued that he has not had any response in this regard, so they demand that full attention be given to the problem before a major misfortune occurs like the one this morning in an apartment on Avenida Hípica de San Isidro.

“I don’t understand why this voltage variation is occurring, if 99% of the residents in this residential pay their electricity bill,” Piña said.

Juan Carlos Piña, who says he has lived in the Dos Amigos residential complex in Ciudad Juan Bosch for about four years, points out that the current authorities have not done anything to correct the electrical problem that affects most residents.

“We need to correct the voltage alteration in the residence, don’t wait for a person or a child to die and then solve the problem,” Carlos requested.

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