Deputy Montero delivered a report on the visit to the NAM

Deputy Montero delivered a report on the visit to the NAM

The delegation of the National Assembly (AN) presented this Tuesday the final report of the Parliamentary Network on the Second Meeting of the Parliamentary Network of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), which took place from June 29 to July 2.

The report was presented by the second vice president of the AN, deputy Vanesa Montero, who headed the delegation.

During his speech, Montero pointed out that, from the Parliamentary Network, it was agreed “preserving the right to the future is a challenge and a challenge that this Parliament is committed to meeting.”

He also pointed out that this parliamentary delegation raised, in this multilateral instance, the truth of Venezuela, the truth of a people in resistance that has managed to overcome the cruelest political and economic aggressions.

“We believe in the reconstruction of a multipolar world, that is why one of the greatest challenges that we face in a world that is increasingly violent and where peace is threatened,” added Montero.

Another of the challenges addressed during the meeting was how the Venezuelan delegation promised to support and comply with respect for sovereignty.

“Demand respect for sovereignty and self-determination. As a delegation we state that we firmly believe in building a different world, where we can all respect each other », he stressed.

They recognized the Bolivarian leadership

For his part, Deputy Juan Escalona, ​​who was also part of the delegation, highlighted the leadership of the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguezto achieve cohesion within the Venezuelan Parliament, despite the fact that there are different political thoughts within the AN, reported AVN.

“This National Assembly, our National Assembly must give great recognition to the leadership that Dr. Jorge Rodríguez has had, with the ability to unite us beyond political differences,” he said.

Jorge Rodríguez was unanimously elected as Vice President of the Latin America Group in the network, after finishing the meeting held in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Given this fact, Escalona expressed his support for the management that Rodríguez will undertake.

«You are not alone, you have 217 deputies in your entire administration. It has been worth so much resistance, it has been worth so much revolution and it is worth a new rebirth because Venezuela is destined to win in the world », he stressed.

Listen to the voice of the peoples

For his part, Deputy Timoteo Zambrano supported and congratulated the participation of the Delegation of this National Assembly that participated in the II Meeting of the NAM Parliamentary Network.

After the demonstrations of support, the president of Parliament, Jorge Rodríguez, stated that the voice of the peoples was heard at this meeting.

“Any process that produces the rapprochement of peoples ends up being a victory for humanity,” Rodríguez stressed in statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión.

In this regard, he referred to those who have requested sanctions and coercive measures against Venezuela, which threaten the stability of the nation.

“A victory for peace ends up being a victory for the future of the peoples,” Rodríguez asserted, while highlighting the work carried out by the delegation, which despite ideological differences “went to defend the truth of Venezuela.”

«The NAM Parliament It has to demonstrate to other instances, we will have to show it how the movements that seek confluence, brotherhood, complementarity between peoples work, “he pointed out.

Finally, the president of the AN, Jorge Rodríguez, concluded the plenary, pointing out that “those who persist in the blockade and in the search for a sterile conflict, we tell you that there is a parliamentary movement for peace here,” he said.

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