Pedro Castillo: Yenifer Paredes is in the country and has not escaped, says her lawyer

Pedro Castillo: Yenifer Paredes is in the country and has not escaped, says her lawyer

sister-in-law of the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, is in Peru and has not escaped, as is speculated after not attending the Congressional Oversight Commission, according to her lawyer, José Dionicio.

In statements to RPP Noticias, the lawyer avoided mentioning whether his client is in Cajamarca or Lima and justified his absence from the congressional working group because it is a “political body”.

“He is in the country, it is what I can express for the care of the case. The context in which these events are taking place is sensitive. I am taking care of my client, the issue is highly mediated”he stated.

“At the level of our Congress of the Republic, it responds a lot to situations of convenience because it is a political body. I repeat that this will be clarified when she is present before the authorities of Congress”he added.

In this sense, he indicated that he decided to testify to avoid speculation in the press regarding a possible escape of the president’s sister-in-law, after not attending to testify before the Public Ministry.

Dionysus also avoided mentioning whether Yenifer Paredes whether or not he will accept his right to silence before the Oversight Commission, just as his sister, the first lady Lilia Paredes, did this Wednesday, July 13.

“That is the strategy of each legal defense. I think that the most convenient thing is that the truth be established from and in accordance with the Constitution and the pertinent norms. That is what should be done”he underlined.

As recalled, Yenifer Paredessister of first lady Lilia Paredes, He asked to reschedule his summons before the Oversight Commission of the Congress of the Republic.

In a letter sent to the president of this commission, Héctor Ventura (Popular Force), the president’s sister-in-law peter castle assured that she had not been properly summoned to appear at today’s session.

The document assures that she learned through the media of the invitation that had been sent to her to appear before the parliamentary working group after the dissemination of the Fourth Power report that showed her offering works in Cajamarca together with the businessman Hugo Espino.

Yenifer Paredes She said that to date she had not received a summons or invitation to her real address, which, according to the document that she signed, is located in the Chugur farmhouse, Anguía district, Chota province, Cajamarca department.

“Being of my full will to contribute to fully clarify the aforementioned facts, and provide all the necessary facilities for the fulfillment of said purpose, I respectfully request that you please order the rescheduling of said summons and that the summons be issued correctly in my real address indicated above, which is recorded in my National Identity Document”he pointed.


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