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USA: Cuban Regime Continues to Control Religious Life

Madrid Spain.- The Government of the United States denounced the persecution of religious by the Cuban regime, in its report on International Religious Freedom for 2021, presented this Thursday by the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken.

“The Communist Party, through its Office of Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Justice, continued to control most aspects of religious life,” the document states.

The text summarizes complaints filed by organizations such as Human Rights Watch (HRW), Open Doors, Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) about the vulnerability of unregistered religious groups

In addition, he recalls the repression of the Roman Catholic priest José Castor Álvarez Devesa, who was beaten and arrested by State Security agents on July 11 when he was trying to help an injured person.

Just as it points out that the regime continued to harass, threaten and violate members of the Association of Free Yorubas of Cuba.

“Four members of Free Yorubas faced an extension of preventive detention after their arrests following the July protests and prison sentences of up to 10 years,” the information states.

“According to reports from NGOs and the media, the government’s actions included the orchestration of acts of repudiation in front of the houses of Catholic priests, police surveillance, internet cuts, and harassment,” the document states.

The State Department assured that “in public statements and on social networks, United States government officials, including the Secretary of State, continued to urge the regime in Havana to respect the fundamental freedoms of its citizens, including freedom of expression. religion”.

Last February, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom determined that Cuba should remain on the State Department’s Special Watch List, due to signs of repression against religious leaders.

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