What do I do if I have not received my balance in favor of the SAT?

What do I do if I have not received my balance in favor of the SAT?

How long does the SAT take to make the tax return?

Normally, a refund must be made within 40 business days following the date on which the request was submitted to the tax authority. Automatic returns arrive in up to seven business days, according to the Tax Administration Service (SAT).

When you have a balance in your favor, you can request the refunds that correspond to you, it is a right based on the Federal Taxpayer Rights Law, article 2, section II.

The balances in favor are reported when when calculating your taxes you paid more than you owed, mainly because you made deductions such as the payment of medical fees, psychologist, nutritionist, mortgages and pension fund, mainly, then you can request before the SAT that the amount be returned to you, Silva details.

Why hasn’t my SAT refund arrived?

If you filed your return, obtained a balance in your favor and it still hasn’t reached your account, it is possible that the tax authority has detected some inconsistency with an expense that you want to deduct, for example, a medical fee that you found out, but that the SAT did not has reported.

That is, there is an inconsistency, so the authority can stop or cancel the return. Sometimes it does not notify you, it reduces the part in which it found inconsistencies or errors, and it partially deposits the balance that marked you in favor of the beginning.

There are other cases in which the employer stamped a payment receipt incorrectly, so it does not coincide with the income that the authority has, which affects the basis on which the payment of taxes is calculated. There are unknown cases, the authority does not give details, it only says: payment in progress, explained the CCPM specialist.

When a person receives their returns in full, it is because they have already been reviewed by the authority, that is, the balance that comes out when you make the declaration is later verified by the authority before being deposited in your bank account.



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