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US solidarity groups bring a new medical donation to Cuba

Solidarity groups from the United States arrived in Havana this Sunday with a donation of medical supplies destined to carry out liver transplants in eight Cuban children, reported the island’s media.

The donation was possible thanks to the collection of 25,000 dollars, according to Cuban-American Carlos Lazo, manager of the Puentes de Amor project, who traveled with the leader of Code Pink, the American Medea Benjamín, as well as with other activists from those organizations. .

Lazo said that the laws that regulate the economic embargo that the US has applied to Cuba for six decades prohibit the acquisition of these supplies through the market between the two countries, according to the agency. Latin Press.

“The pressure we are putting on the United States Congress and the White House is aimed at trying to end the blockade imposed on Cuba for more than 60 years,” said activist Medea Benjamín.

He also pointed out that as long as this objective is not achieved “the most important effort will be aimed at continuing to help in the donation of syringes, food, medicines, and continue fighting to end the blockade.”

Donation of Cuban emigrants will allow to reactivate liver transplant program in children

This shipment is added to others received on the island sponsored by American associations and foundations and from Cubans residing in the United States. Since last year Cuba has received donations of sanitary items and basic food from Russia, China, Mexico, Japan, Nicaragua, Vietnam, among other countries. They come from both governments and private groups.

Cuba has been going through a serious crisis for months due to the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tightening of the US economic, financial and commercial embargo and problems in national macroeconomic management.


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