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San Lázaro analyzes if it complies with the ruling in favor of MC in the Permanent Commission

Andrea Becerril

Newspaper La Jornada
Sunday June 12, 2022, p. 5

The confrontation between the Chamber of Deputies and the Electoral Court of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF), which ordered it to give a legislator from the Citizen Movement (MC) a place in the Permanent Commission, has been going on since December of last year, and although Morena and her allies approved legal reforms to prevent the interference of that court in the internal life of the legislature, the ruling was repeated.

However, the majority group headed by Ignacio Mier refuses to comply, despite the fact that there could be sanctions.

In the Permanent Commission that operated during the recess from December 15 to January 30, for the first time the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) of the Chamber of Deputies, chaired by Mier, decided that neither the MC nor the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) reached a space for the number of legislators they represent.

The MC leadership took the case to the TEPJF, which decided that the orange caucus should have a representative in the Permanent Commission, but since the period of that body was about to end, the resolution was no longer complied with. In addition, the law was reformed in the past ordinary period to make it clear that the Judicial Power cannot intervene in the life of the Legislative.

For this second recess, the Jucopo again left out MC, who also disagreed with the TEPJF, which ratified its first sentence and instructed the board chaired by Mier to modify the composition of the Permanent.

The coordinator of MC in the Senate, Clemente Castañeda, warned that the resolution must be fulfilled as soon as possible, so that there is an orange deputy in the session on Wednesday the 13th. Otherwise, he warned, the TEPJF will dictate sanctions against the heads of the Jucopo and the board of directors in San Lázaro, ranging from pressure to removal from office.

As president of the Jucopo, deputy Mier decided that he will wait for the opinion of the legal direction of the chamber and then it will be discussed among the coordinators, to finally decide whether or not to heed the court’s resolution, which in his opinion violates the Constitution. .

In the Senate, Morena’s coordinator, Ricardo Monreal, has avoided that confrontation with the TEPJF and even in past permanent commissions gave a place to the PRD, which has only three legislators. This time it was left out, since they had to make room for a senator from the plural group.

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