Unvaccinated saturate ICU of the Hospital del Sur in El Alto

Unvaccinated saturate ICU of the Hospital del Sur in El Alto

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The Intensive Care Unit of Hospital El Alto Sur collapsed due to the increase in critical patients with coronavirus (Covid-19). None of the inmates received any anticovid dose to protect themselves from the disease.

“Of the 100% of patients who are in intensive care, none have received the vaccine, the same in intermediate therapy,” said the director of the medical center, Alex Andrade, in contact with Red Uno, yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Epidemiological Promotion and Surveillance, María Renee Castro, stated that the fatality rate in epidemiological week 45 of Covid-19 increased by 62% compared to the week before the pandemic.

He also warned of an increase in infections of 21% at the national level, for which he argued that it will not be possible to make “a projection of real cases” in relation to the evolution of the disease in the fourth wave, and that there is “a very large bias ”, Due to the lack of testing in regions such as Santa Cruz and Potosí.

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“We have had an increase in cases in week 45 of 21%. These data will not allow us a projection of real cases, since we know that there is a very large bias (…). The mortality of the past week has increased to 13 deaths, of these 13, eight correspond to Santa Cruz, that is to say that Santa Cruz has increased mortality by 62%, “the authority told Unitel today.

Castro indicated that most of the Covid-19 cases that reach intensive care are from people who do not have any vaccine against the disease.

“Of these (deceased) people, the majority are not vaccinated or are people who abandon treatment. At this moment, the data show that 90% to 95% of the population that enters intensive care does not have vaccines ”, the authority said.

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