unrestrained corruption

unrestrained corruption

The number of control mechanisms that have been implemented in the country since the democratic era have not meant a containment of corruption.

In general, it is known about her when she has already done the corresponding damage, and when she would have to do -the comptroller’s office- the task arrives late, at the wrong time or -simply- she says that she left her area and now she can no longer continue the investigation, as happens with the subject of the radars bought by the DINAC that are worth close to US$ 8 million for Concepción and that are useless.

In addition to not having fulfilled the requirements for which it was acquired, in terms of coverage, these damn radars show us that damn corruption is still very much in force among us, and that when it has to be investigated we arrive very late in many cases, aggravating the economic situation of a poor country that has to settle for affirming that corruption is a natural part of the Paraguayan ethos.

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