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UNPACU political prisoners denounce repression in the prisons where they are serving sentences

MIAMI, United States. – This Thursday, December 8, the political prisoner Fernando Vázquez Guerra, who is being held in the second detachment of the Kilo 7 prison, in Camagüey, will serve nine days in a punishment cell.

Vázquez Guerra, who worked as coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) in this province, denounced by telephone that the prison authorities were committing “acts of torture against the inmates who demanded food, medical attention and review of their sentences.” .

Two days ago, the opponent’s wife went to the regulatory visit that corresponded to her and they denied her to see him. The prison authorities themselves confirmed that they are keeping him in a punishment cell.

“The Castro hitmen told him that he could not see him because he was in a punishment cell. This cruel and unfair measure came after the brave activist made complaints from prison, ”he confirmed to CubaNet Ana Belkis Ferrer, member of UNPACU.

On November 18, 2021, Vázquez Guerra, also a promoter of the Cuba Decide platform, suffered a raid on his home by agents of the Ministry of the Interior, who seized his belongings and arrested him violently and arbitrarily. Days later, he was transferred to prison.

According to members of his organization, the cruelty against Vázquez Guerra is due to his peaceful actions against the system. Since his release from prison in July 2021, after serving a five-year prison sentence for political reasons, he resumed his activities as coordinator of the UNPACU provincial in order to regroup the other members again. This increased the harassment and repression against him.

On the other hand, Griselia Allien, mother of the political prisoner Eider Frómeta Allien, also a member of UNPACU and Cuba Decide, denounces that this Thursday she received a telephone call from an inmate who informed her that her son had been searched for take your medications. In addition, she would be denying her the diet that the doctors indicated.

Frómeta Allien is serving his second sentence imposed for political reasons in the Kilo 8 prison, in Camagüey, despite the fact that he resides in Guantánamo. “Her transfer of her to Camagüey is part of the repressive mechanisms used by the regime against political prisoners,” says her mother.

Ana Belkis Ferrer also drew attention to the case of the political prisoner Aymara Nieto Munozmember of UNPACU, promoter of Cuba and member of the Ladies in White.

Nieto, who was recently returned to the El Guatao prison, located in the capital, after being incarcerated for more than two years in the Las Tunas women’s prison, suffers from serious problems with high blood pressure and is without medical attention.

“They cynically told him that he should see his family doctor. It is mocking, ridiculous, outrageous to say such a thing to a woman in such a situation, ”she told CubaNet Ana Belkis Ferrer.

Nieto, 45 years old and mother of two underage girls, is serving a sentence of five years and four months in prison for the alleged crime of “disorders in prisons or re-education centers.”

Her husband, Ismael Boris, coordinator of the UNPACU in Havana, assures that it is an “invention” of the political police to keep Nieto behind bars.

During her captivity, the political prisoner has suffered isolation and a ban on phone calls and contact with her relatives.

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