Petrismo accuses Miguel Uribe of inciting a coup in Colombia

Petrismo accuses Miguel Uribe of inciting a coup in Colombia

The political crisis that arose in Peru led various sectors of the opposition in Colombia to speak out in favor of democracy in that country and against the measures that former President Pedro Castillo tried to take when trying to dissolve Congress.

The Senator Miguel Uribe stated that “Peru is an example of what Congress should do when democracy and freedom are in danger. The Colombian Congress should do the same. Our responsibility is to be guarantors of democracy, not notaries of the president”.

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However, heThe phrase “the Colombian Congress should do the same” generated rejection in the Historical Pactsince they interpreted it as an incitement to a coup in Colombia.

The Senate President Roy Barreras responded by saying: “Do you dream of a coup Miguel? I have just read a review by Ian Kershaw of the dictator Francisco Franco who plunged Spain into darkness and bloodshed. That’s how it started but after a civil war. Do not wish Colombia chaos but stability, peace and progress.

Barreras affirmed that some in the country should put aside the thought that President Gustavo Petro can be removed from power, which is not possible because he was legitimately elected at the polls.

“Wake up from delirium the extremists who are excited by the coup in Peru. The presidency of the Colombian Congress obeys the popular mandate of the change that we received at the polls and accompanies President @petrogustavo in his goal of total peace and social justice,” he said.

“And he also built a great multi-party democratic coalition within the framework of the rule of law and the 1991 Constitution that Petro himself helped build. It also adds a very clear leadership and popular support of which we are part, that is called institutional strength ”, Barreras added.

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Senator María José Pizarror he also rejected Miguel Uribe’s trill saying: “Mr. @MiguelUribeT I would not like to think that you are calling for a coup. Absolutely serious!”

President Gustavo Petro spoke out asking the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to grant precautionary measures to Pedro Castillo, after his dismissal from his position in the Presidency of Peru.

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