Union denounces that outsourcing will leave 800 El Palito workers unemployed

Union denounces that outsourcing will leave 800 El Palito workers unemployed

The union warned that supervisors have been instructed to restrict the entry of employees to the refining complex, located in Carabobo state.

Text: José E. Arévalo |El Impulso.com

According to information provided by the National Working Class Struggle Front (FNLCT), at least 800 employees of the El Palito Refinery, in Carabobo state, could be fired from their jobs to give their jobs to private contractor workers.

“A plan is underway to disincorporate 800 workers (leaving them at home) and replace them with outsourced employment through subcontracting companies (outsourcing),” they reported from the FNLCT.

The complaint was made known through Twitter, after having received an alleged instruction from the Human Resources Management of the refinery, where order supervisors to restrict entry of employees to the refining complex.

On the other hand, according to the organization, this substitution would represent a violation of the Constitution and the Organic Labor Law.

On the other hand, they denounce that the workers of the plant “are accused of causing accidents really caused by the lack of required maintenance in the refinery.”

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«The bosses manipulate to impose extreme personnel reduction (underhanded in supposed ‘contingency’). Is neoliberalism advancing with covert privatization and labor deregulation in PDVSA?” they question and then insist on investigating “the business network that violates the Venezuelan legal system,” they added.

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