Rafecas renewed until 2027 Interpol's red notices for fugitive Iranians

Rafecas renewed until 2027 Interpol’s red notices for fugitive Iranians

The attack on the Amia, in July of July 1994. // Archive photo.

The Argentine Justice renewed for another five years the publication of the red alerts of international capture by Interpol in relation to the Iranian citizens accused of the attack on the AMIA, committed on July 18, 1994 in the city of Buenos Aires, with 85 deaths.

The decision was made by the federal judge Daniel Rafecaswho substitutes the federal court 6 of Comodoro Py 2002, in charge of the investigation of the terrorist attack on the headquarters of the Jewish mutual in Pasteur 633, judicial sources informed Télam.

Rafecas ordered that Interpol renew the publication of the red circulars until November 7, 2027, in response to a proposal from the agency that recalled the need to extend them every five years and reported on the expiration of that term that would be fulfilled in 2022.

The red notices are intended to achieve the international capture of Iranian citizens Moshen Rezai, Ahmad Vahidi, Ali Fallahijan, Ahmad Reza Asghari Y Moshe Rabbani to be investigated by the Argentine Justice in relation to the accusations related to the terrorist attack.

They all have an international arrest warrant since November 9, 2006, issued by the person who was the judge in the case at that time, Rodolfo Canicoba Corralwho also that day declared the attack a crime against humanity that cannot be subject to statute of limitations.

The Argentine Justice must inform every five years if it wishes to keep the red notices in force and for this reason the International Affairs Division of the Interpol Department requested the court to inform if there was an intention to renew them for another five years.

After the retirement of Canicoba Corral in 2020, the court was subrogated and is currently in charge of Rafecas.

The purpose of the red notices is to achieve the international capture of Moshen Rezai, Ahmad Vahidi, Ali Fallahijan, Ahmad Reza Asghari and Moshen Rabbani to be investigated by the Argentine Justice

Interpol informed the Court that the “red index notifications that weigh” on Iranian citizens have already been renewed, alerts that will be registered in the system of the International Criminal Police Organization until November 7, 2027.

Rezai was commander of the Revolutionary Guards Corps at the time of the attack; Vahidi held the same position in the “Al Quds” force of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, and Fallahijan was Minister of Intelligence and Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Asghari, for his part, was the third secretary of the Embassy of Iran in Argentina while Rabbani held the position of Cultural Counselor in the same diplomatic headquarters.

Until now, Justice could not investigate any of the defendants despite frustrated attempts to request their arrest when trips abroad were detected on some occasions.

Rafecas was the magistrate who closed in 2015 the complaint of the late prosecutor Alberto Nisman for the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Iran, which according to the former head of the AMIA Fiscal Unit, sought to stop the red circulars.

Rafecas in the space of memory El Atletico Photo Courtesy Santiago Tarelli
Rafecas in the memory space El Atletico. // Photo: Kindness Santiago Tarelli.

But from Interpol they ratified that only the Court that is handling the case has “power” to decide whether or not to renew those orders, which have now just been extended for five more years.

The case for the signing of the Memorandum was reopened by order of the Federal Court of Cassation, but when it reached the oral trial stage, the Federal Oral Court (TOF) 8 closed it again for “non-existence of crime” and dismissed all the accused. , including former president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

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