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Two years denouncing the poor condition of the bridge until it split, several cattle died when they fell and people hang to cross

A piece fell from the Tarabita Bridge. Several cattle died this weekend, they fear that children and people will fall too.

A piece of the La Tarabita bridge fell, because despite the calls due to the poor condition it was in, there was no attention and they did not reinforce it. Several cattle died this weekend.

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A part of the Tarabita Bridge in Villavicencio fell, leaving several dead cattle and the community hanging to be able to pass from one side to the other, they denounce that they did not pay attention to the calls to fix that hanging passage.

cattle bridge Villavicencio La Tabarita
The people on the sidewalks must pass hanging.

“Two years ago a video showed the poor condition of the bridge (…) and the imminent risk it meant for the peasants who had to cross said bridge, said Alex Parrado, from the Santa Teresa village, denounced.

This La Tarabita bridge, located on the Vereda Puente Abadia and which connects with the Vereda San Cristóbal, and which gives way to the intake that supplies water to a large part of the municipality.

At that time, from the Mayor’s Office, they promised to help, “that they were going to do maintenance and fix it.” If there was a first intervention «but nothing else».

“We lose three cattle that are the heritage of a family,” Parrado denounced. But he warned, “what if today it hadn’t been three animals; they would have been people, three children».

He questioned Mayor Juan Felipe Harman, “you have to be clear about your commitments to your people.”

This emergency in Villavicencio has generated indignation because the deterioration of the bridge was already known in the mayor’s office.

In the capital of Meta, they expect corrective measures to be taken immediately.

Until now it is not known if the family affected by the loss of cattle will receive any financial aid or if they will initiate any action.

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