Two other thermoelectric plants are turned off, in Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba

Two other thermoelectric plants are turned off, in Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba

Cuba lost two other thermoelectric power plant units due to breakdowns this Monday, when 4 of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, in Cienfuegos, and 5 of Antonio Maceo, in Santiago de Cuba, left the National Electric System (SEN).

“With these unforeseen outputs, an availability of 1,741 MW and a maximum demand of 3,100 MW are estimated for the peak hour, for a deficit of 1,359 MW, so if the expected conditions are maintained, an affectation of 1,429 MW is forecast at this time. “, warned the Electric Union of Cuba (UNE) in a note spread on its social networks and that closed to public comments.

In recent months, the UNE has resorted to this censorship, aware of the fed up of the population, which finds on Facebook one of the best places to let off steam

In recent months, the UNE has resorted to this censorship, aware of the population’s weariness, which finds Facebook one of the best places to let off steam. Other organizations, however, have not established these limitations, where this discomfort has been reflected.

“We have been with the same chant for more than six months and now, when one was sleeping, they take the power off. They don’t care about anything. Until what time will this ordeal last and when?” reproached a user. Another added: “Six months this year, you have to count the previous year. The situation only improves when it’s cold. Cuban thermoelectric plants don’t like the heat.”

The Cienfuegos electric company even had an exchange with a user who was protesting the difference in cuts between the different provinces. “You, who what you do is eat the people’s food, you can’t even pretend that you don’t give a damn about us and defend that the affectation is equitable and that with 90 MW of affectation the entire province will be turned off when the rest of the country has only one portion of its population. Whoever does not know history can make the mistake of repeating it. And as Fidel Castro said, ‘when an energetic and virile people cries, injustice trembles,'” he cried, adding in his argument that Cienfuegos is one of the that has less electricity consumption within the country as a whole and, however, the light is cut as much or more than Villa Clara.

“The National Electroenergetic System is interconnected in a narrow and long island in which the energy blocks have to be distributed from one end to the other depending on the demand of each province and the transport capacity of the electric lines. In addition, it needs work with a certain reserve that allows to assume the variations in demand in moments. Therefore, the distribution of the MW to be affected by provinces is not static nor can it be calculated with a simple division,” the company argued.

The comments have multiplied, as usual, in the official accounts that reproduced the UNE note. Some of the users also remembered that there is only one month left until December, when the authorities affirmed that the problems would have been solved, and yet, nothing seems to improve, but rather the opposite.

Last week, the UNE announced the departure of Felton from the SEN. The thermoelectric plant must carry out maintenance for a week to improve the capacity of its block 1, while block 2 has been out of service due to breakdowns for some time.

This is, together with the Antonio Guiteras de Matanzas, also out of service although the UNE does not even mention it anymore, the largest thermoelectric plant in the country and Miguel Díaz-Canel had entrusted the recovery of the system to its recovery last August, but today the power outages continue, the breakdowns also and the lack of fuel for the generators worsens.


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