Two municipalities of Tarija suspend carnival activities and prioritize anticovid vaccination

Two municipalities of Tarija suspend carnival activities and prioritize anticovid vaccination

Yacuiba and Entre Ríos are the two municipalities in the department of Tarija that suspended carnival activities to protect the health and life of the population in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both municipal governments they prioritize vaccination to achieve herd immunity and massive anticovid testingin order to curb the spread of community contagion.

The spokesman for the COEM of Yacuiba, Carlos Villagómez, stated that all carnival activities were suspended and strengthen controls in this municipality to avoid clandestine parties.

“Employees of the municipal guard will be working on these carnival dates to sanction the organizers of activities that bring together young people and minors“, mentioned Villagómez, in reference to the last determination.

Mayor Carlos Brú indicated that he did not authorize the carnival after the Yacuibeño population suffered a lot in the fourth wave and for the deaths of people from Covid-19.

In turn, the coordinator of the COEM of the municipality of Entre Ríos, Adel Vergara, confirmed that they are official activities prohibited of this year’s carnival to protect health, since the risk of the pandemic persists.

“Anticovid vaccination and the reactivation of educational activities will be prioritized because the idea is that, since March, the 90% of the educational units already pass face-to-face classes and not from a distance,” he mentioned.

The authorities of the municipality of San Lorenzo backed down on their decision to suspend the carnival at the beginning and opted this Wednesday for authorize carnival activities after various sectors they pressed with the argument of economic reactivation.

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