Guzmán: the agreement will be sent to Congress "with all its details"

Guzmán: the agreement will be sent to Congress "with all its details"

Manzur: “I trust that parliamentarians are going to vote for the best for Argentina”

The chief of staff, Juan Manzur, assured this Wednesday that the legislators will receive “all the documentation” that corresponds to the negotiation with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) before signing the agreement, according to Law 27,612 for Strengthening the Sustainability of the Public Debt, promulgated last year, which establishes, among other points, that indebtedness in foreign currency will require authorization from Congress, and stressed that it will no longer be possible to “indebt Argentina with a single signature, as Mauricio Macri did” during his administration of government.

“All the documentation is going to be sent, as the law that our government ordered says, so that before taking on a debt of these characteristics, all parliamentarians have the technical documentation. We ourselves imposed this situation with which, from now on, it is not going to be possible to indebt Argentina with a single signature, as (the former president of the Nation, Mauricio) Macri did,” Manzur said in statements to the press, after the act of homage to Héctor Timerman that the Foreign Ministry carried out today.

In this way, Manzur ratified the statements made today by the Minister of the Economy, Martín Guzmán, who – in statements made to Télam – said that the project on the agreement with the IMF will be sent to Congress by the Executive Power with “annexes that will contain all the documents” and “every one of the details” of the understanding reached with the multilateral credit organization to restructure the debt of US$44,000 million contracted by the Macri administration.

“The idea that there are going to be secret documents is nonsense. Once the agreement at the IMF staff level is finalized, a bill will be sent to the National Congress that in its annexes will contain all the documents that are the basis of that agreement, with each of its details,” Guzmán said in statements made to Télam.

For his part, Manzur said: “I am confident in the debate and that the parliamentarians are going to vote for the best for Argentina and, along that path, the debate is going to be very rich, it is going to be the best and it is going to turn out very well.” “.

In addition, he pointed out the former president: “Look at what Macri did. Macri’s was a tragedy for Argentina. An irresponsible debt that could not be paid, which he knew expressly put Argentina on the path of poverty, of indigence , of the lack of work. This is what today we are seeing how to reverse”.

The statements were made in the framework of the tribute that took place this morning four years after the death of Héctor Timerman, who was head of Argentine diplomacy between 2010 and 2015, with a ceremony at the San Martín Palace attended by officials, former officials, family and friends.

On this subject, the national chief of staff described the former Argentine foreign minister as an “irreproachable man” who sought “until the end” that “justice be known,” and defended the country “and the Argentines.”

“He was a great person, a great friend. This is a heartfelt tribute that has to do with an irreproachable, upright man, who until the end the only thing he sought was for justice to be known and he showed it. He always acted defending Argentina and to the Argentines, and that is why today we are part of this tribute that the only thing it does is highlight the figure of a great man like Héctor Timerman,” said Manzur.

Timerman died in the early morning of December 30, 2018, at the age of 65, when he was being prosecuted in the case that was being followed by the Memorandum with Iran.

In line with this, the head of the national Cabinet noted: “He was a victim of injustice, of defamation. Finally, justice arrived. It was late. That is why we are all here today, those of us who knew him, those of us who felt friends with him. , the affections, the affections”.

In this framework, he highlighted “his tireless determination for work”.

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