They locate the gagged corpse of an octogenarian

Two men died from landslides inside a mine in El Callao

Two men died inside a mine located in El Callao (Bolívar) after landslides occurred due to the prolonged rains that have fallen in recent hours, according to Risk Management sources.

The deceased are identified as Herinson Rojas (23) and Jesús Díaz (31), whose bodies were rescued this Thursday morning, according to Civil Protection reports.

The Isidora mine, located in the El Perú sector of the aforementioned Bolivarian town, was where the events occurred, inside one of its galleries where Rojas and Díaz were. Other miners were left incommunicado in that mine, which is why there is a deployment for their location, the sources said.

In another mine in El Callao, called Los Jubilados, Minerven Emergency Control agents rescued three miners who were trapped.

Among that group of those rescued alive is a 16-year-old teenager, as well as José Cortés (20) and José Gregorio Pariaguán (27), who received basic medical care.

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