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Twenty years without Polo Montañez: four songs to remember

MIAMI, United States. — On November 26, 2002, a piece of news shook Cuba as a whole: Fernando Borrego Linares, better known as Polo Montañez, one of the singer-songwriters of the moment on the island, died at the Carlos J. Finlay Military Hospital (Havana) after several days of debating between life and death due to a traffic accident.

At barely 47 years old, one of the most recognized exponents of popular music on the Island said goodbye, just when he was at the peak of his popularity. Today we review some of the songs that marked his musical career and that remained forever in the preference of Cubans.

A bunch of stars

A bunch of stars It is probably the most remembered song by Polo Montañez. Belonging to your disk Natural Guajirothe theme topped the charts during the second half of 2001.

Natural Guajiro

Natural Guajirothe theme that gave its name to his most remembered album, is another of the songs that reflect the peasant essence of Polo Montañez, who became a true symbol of the province of Pinar del Río.

if he falls in love with me

if he falls in love with me It was one of the great songs of Polo Montañez. With this and other songs from his first album, the “natural guajiro” conquered not only the Cuban public, but also the Colombian public, inserting himself into various Latin music markets.

Pale Flower

Although it is considered one of the great songs of Polo Montañez, it was not until 2013 that Pale Flower became popular on the island, thanks in large part to the version performed by Puerto Rican salsa singer Marc Anthony.

At the beginning of the 2,000s, the album Guajiro Natural sold more than 40,000 copies in Colombia to obtain Gold and Platinum Records, a fact that led him to be recognized as one of the most listened to international artists in the South American country.

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