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TSJE: They find videos of the place where the fire started

Prosecutor Giovanni Grisetti, who was looking for these videos, has already ordered the chain of custody of the materials, which will later be submitted to an expert opinion.

With these film documents, an attempt will be made to clarify what happened yesterday and, above all, to see if these images shed light on the cause that triggered the intense fire that completely consumed the site where the 7,780 electronic ballot boxes for the elections were kept.

The prosecution has a team of agents who continue to work at the scene of the fire to collect all the evidence that leads to clarifying what happened. There are voices that point out that the fire started intentionally and others that it was an accident, but that can only be known with the skills that are now in the middle of the work stage.

The entrance TSJE: They find videos of the place where the fire started was first published in diary TODAY.

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