TSJ endorses the extradition of alias La Dominicana

The Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice declared the extradition request made to Peru admissible, so that that country sends a woman wanted in Venezuela for her alleged participation in the homicide by fire of a man.

Such decision is contained in sentence number 232 drafted by magistrate Maikel Moreno Pérez.

The requested woman is identified as Karina Alexandra Ortiz (La Dominicana), 38 years old, who has an arrest warrant issued by the 10th Control Court of Caracas on April 14.

Alias ​​La Dominicana is accused of spraying Roisber Alejandro Marquina Velásquez (22) with gasoline, who later died. This event occurred on April 10 on a public road in the Ciudad Tiuna urban development adjacent to tower 18, Coche parish, Caracas.

For this fact, Pedro Luis Pérez Mireles and Eliezer Eduardo Nieto are detained, who subdued the victim by grabbing his arms and legs so that La Dominicana could proceed to set him on fire, according to a video broadcast on networks.

Five days after that event, Roisber died at the Miguel Ángel Rangel University Hospital, located in Coche.

The beggining

The extradition process of La Dominicana was activated on April 21 by Elianny del Valle Orozco Ferrás, 20th prosecutor of the Public Ministry. He started it that day after obtaining the information according to which La Dominicana was in Lima, Peru.

Then, on April 27, the 10th Control Court of Caracas sent the file to the Criminal Chamber to evaluate whether the extradition requirements were met.

The magistrates verified that the extremes are covered to agree on the extradition procedure of alias La Dominicana, accused of qualified intentional homicide executed with treachery and for a futile motive by means of fire, which carries a sentence of 20 to 26 years in prison.

The sentence of the Criminal Chamber indicates that Venezuela undertakes before Peru to judge the requested woman with the due guarantees enshrined in the Magna Carta, related to due process that includes the right to defense and not to be subjected to cruel and inhuman treatment, among others.

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