Valderrama: “Panameñismo is more inclined to make an alliance with Cambio Democrático”

Angel Valdes | July 21, 2023

The former deputy, Adolfo “Beby” Valderrama in an interview with Radio Panama made an analysis of the current political landscape, his aspirations as a candidate for deputy for free postulation. the primary elections of the panameñismo and its possible alliances for the elections of May 2024.

Valderrama aspires to be a deputy for the Chame area, I believe that the boards of directors of the parties are making the decision of who are going to participate in the single-member positions and their decision has changed the way he sees things in this sector where he is going as a candidate and hopes that the parties should do their best and bring a single candidate for deputy in the Chame sector.

Regarding the possible alliances of the Panameñista Party at the level of the candidacy for President of the Republic, Valderrama considers that “My party is more inclined to make an alliance with Cambio Democrático and that other parties join and support that alliance.”

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