Ex-police officer Navia is sent to jail for trying to renew a forged identity card

Ex-police officer Navia is sent to jail for trying to renew a forged identity card

July 21, 2023, 12:32 PM

July 21, 2023, 12:32 PM

Julio René Navia, the investigated ex-policeman for alleged legitimization of illicit profits from links to drug trafficking, he was again placed before the precautionary judge and sent to jail with preventive detention for 30 days, after being found in flagrante delicto trying to renew a forged identity card.

The precautionary hearing took place this Friday morning in the 6th Court, in charge of Judge Manuel Baptista, on the 10th floor of the Palace of Justice, in the capital of Santa Cruz. Navia was indicted by the Public Ministry for the crimes of material and ideological falsification and use of a counterfeit instrument.

The director of the General Service of Personal Identification (Segip), Alpacino Mojica, told EL DEBER that the determination of Justice was correct, since managed to charge and send to jail to this former police officer, who was found red-handed trying to obtain a document with false information.

Mojica added that he was satisfied with the decision, and that the investigations carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office will continue closely.

The Public Ministry does not rule out expanding the crimes, in addition to requiring that the prison time of the accused be extended in the Palmasola prison.

It is known that Navia used the documentation with falsified information since 2017, a document that was in the name of Sebastián Áñez Ruiz. The ID could not be processed because, in biometric equipment, fingerprint and facial camera They immediately jumped to point out that the identity was incorrect, since the fingerprint was Julio René Navia Gorena.

Segip officials, noticing the situation, alerted the authorities, so members of the Special Force to Fight Crime (Felcc) went to the facilities and apprehended Navia.

Prosecutor Francisca Rivero indicated that the former police officer appeared at the Segip under another name and since his information is biometricized, it was detected that the day before he had requested his identity card with his original data.

“This gentleman had two identities and was found red-handed because he was with falsified documents that he used in 2017, the same one that he went to renew,” explained the prosecutor.

He indicated that the Public Ministry requested preventive detention and the judge assessed all the evidence and the booklet of investigations against Navia, who has against him multiple backgrounds from violence, injuries, theft robbery and a sentence for legitimization of illicit profits. “His record has been considered and that is why determined the exceptional measure of preventive detention. The judge was objective and ordered 30 days taking into account that he was found in flagrante delicto, which means that at this time he must be charged,” he said.

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