Truck and container land freight carriers go on indefinite strike

A legal recourse against resolution No. JD-33-2022 of May 30, 2022, which establishes minimum rates, for three months, in the transport of land cargo in containers and vans from any port to any destination in the country and Central America, was questioned by the company Ocean Network Express (One) and the Panama Chamber of Shipping, a situation that has left cargo carriers on alert, who announced an indefinite strike until both entities desist from these resources.

According to the National Freight Transportation Coordinator, these rates are necessary due to the constant increase in fuel and all the inputs used by the land freight transportation industry. “Inputs, which have been severely impacted by the inflation that shipping lines have created in all the products that are used and consumed by the Panamanian people in our country,” they highlighted in a statement.

They highlighted that during the negotiations at the dialogue tables with the Land Transit and Transportation Authority and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry they have had approaches with the shipping companies, “and most agreed on the new rates, with the exception of Ocean Network Express (One) and the Maritime Chamber, which are in fact the ones that presented said appeals through their representatives.”

Given these inconveniences, the Cargo Transport Coordinator decided to hold an indefinite strike, in addition, they summoned Mr. Enrique Clement, president of the Maritime Chamber and Manager of Marketing and Customer Service of Manzanillo International Terminal, for five (5) business days. and Mr. Julio de la Lastra of Ocean Express (One) and his lawyer Alberto López Tom, a trade union leader who represents the private company, to see reason and withdraw the appeal filed.

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