Hospitals collapsed by new wave of infections

Respiratory symptoms due to influenza or syncytial virus once again put the health system on edge, and Covid-19 is on the prowl. The latest report on the epidemiological situation, prepared by the Ministry of Public Health, shows that Asunción is once again on red alert due to the increase in positives.

Other departments such as Central and Misiones are also experiencing moderate community transmission and are located, along with Asunción, at the epicenter of the fourth wave of the pandemic.

In Central, the towns with the most cases are Fernando de la Mora, Lambaré, Itá, Itauguá, Luque, Mariano Roque Alonso, San Lorenzo and Villa Elisa. In Misiones, in the areas of Ayolas and San Juan Bautista, there is a sustained increase in the number of cases.

In fact, the curve of positive cases of Covid-19 in the country shows a trend of sustained increase. The figures of the increase of more than 50% of new positives mark the beginning of the fourth wave of infections.

In the Hospital de Clínicas, of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the National University of Asunción, 100% of the occupancy of beds in the emergency area has already been reached, as announced at a press conference.

“Little by little, the urgency due to respiratory cases is filling up again,” explained Dr. Jorge Giubi, director of the health center, at the conference.

The medical professional clarified that not all cases are Covid-19. “We have influenza pictures, we were able to detect cases of Covid-19, which have been isolated. Today we have many respiratory cases, ”he stressed.

In addition, Giubi highlighted that a large percentage of the occupancy of beds in the contingency area for respiratory cases does not require the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), which is also fully occupied. “The beds for the respiratory area are 100% full and we have a large number of patients who come to consult,” he mentioned.

Unlike previous waves, most cases of Covid-19 are not serious, said the director of the Hospital de Clínicas.

In Central, the percentage of bed occupancy currently amounts to 87%, but not only due to respiratory conditions, but also due to polyvalent pathologies, explained Dr. Gabriel Aguilera, director of the XI Health Region.

“Only 37% of the beds are occupied by respiratory conditions and the rest are polyvalent pathologies of different kinds. We are still at an adequate level to respond, but with an increase in Covid-19 cases, ”she said.

However, unlike the hospitalization scenario, the increase in Covid-19 cases is reflected in the number of patients who attend consultations in the Emergency area.

“The previous week we reached a total of 200 positives in Central. Until yesterday, we had 438 new positives. With this it is reflected that every week the cases are doubling ”; he assured.

For this reason, the doctor assured that in Central “they are equipping themselves” to respond to the population in the face of a new wave of infections.

“Hospitals already have a contingency system prepared. We are also increasing the number of consultations in the respiratory emergency area,” he stressed.

Finally, the director of the XI Health Region urged the population not to let their guard down with prevention measures such as the use of face masks, in addition to vaccination.

“We have to consult as soon as possible to avoid serious conditions and, of course, always maintain prevention measures such as the use of face masks, especially in closed places. If it is possible to perform the swab, because it can give me a mild condition, but not people with comorbidities, ”he concluded.

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