National Assembly annuls 101 NGOs and lists another hundred

The Nicaraguan National Assembly, dominated by the Sandinista Front, made official this Wednesday, June 29, the cancellation of 101 non-profit organizations, bringing the number of NGOs canceled since November 29, 2018 to 770. In addition, in Parliament’s agenda awaits another batch of 100 organisms to be outlawed presumably on Thursday.

So far in 2022, the regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo has stripped 696 organizations of their legal status. An undetermined number of NGOs have been victims of confiscation, and others have had to auction off their assets and leave their beneficiaries, who are mostly the poorest people in the country, in limbo.

The cancellation of the hundred NGOs did not generate any debate in Parliament. The legislative decree —which was presented by the Sandinista deputy, Filiberto Rodríguez— was approved with 75 votes from the Sandinista Front caucus, 15 deputies abstained and one remained present.

Among the organizations canceled stands out the Association Missionaries of Charityfounded in 1988 by Mother Teresa of Calcutta and which maintains a nursery, a home for abused or abandoned girls, and a nursing home, which began to close on June 15.

Without permission to care for girls or the elderly

According to a report from the General Directorate of Registration and Control of Non-Profit Organizations (OSFL) of the Ministry of the Interior, the Missionaries of Charity “have failed to comply with their obligations” under the law that regulates them, and the Money Laundering Law. Assets, the Financing of Terrorism and the Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

The Government maintained that the Missionaries of Charity are not accredited by the Ministry of Family to function as a nursery, child development center or girls’ home or nursing home, nor do they have permission from the Ministry of Education to carry out learning reinforcement.

In addition, they did not report fixed assets, and the activities of their headquarters in the city of Granada, located in the southwest of the country, were not reported: girls’ home, dining room, nursery and learning reinforcement.

The balances of income from donations do not coincide with those reported in the reports presented, and they do not present formal accounting of their assets with generally accepted accounting systems, according to official information.

Another reason to dissolve that NGO, alleged the Government, is that the board of directors is made up only of citizens of other nationalities, and the new law that regulates them —Law 1115—, in force for two months, establishes that only 25% of the people who make up the board may be foreigners.

Organisms canceled

In addition to the Missionaries of Charity, were dissolved the Foundation for the Integral Development of the San Juan River, the Labor Mediation Institute Association, the Nicaraguan Association for the Support of Small Farmers, the Association for the Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, the Nicaragua Aid Foundation, the Association for the Development of Boys and Girls Nicaraguans, My Childhood Maternal Foundation and the Spirituality Foundation for Nicaraguan Boys and Girls.

Also closed were the Association of Nicaraguan Anesthesiologists, the Catholic Foundation for Human Development Assistance for Nicaraguans, the Association for the Progress and Development of Nicaragua, the Association for Business and Professional Women, the Foundation for the Development of Microfinance, the Foundation for the Development of Science and Technology, Nicaraguan Pharmaceutical College and the Somos Puente Youth Association.

In addition, the Nicaraguanet Foundation, the Green Development Foundation, the Nicaraguan Youth and Children Foundation, the Foundation for the Integral Development of Mayangnas Sauni Balna, the Association of General Naturo Orthopathic Doctors of Nicaragua and the Network Association of Civil Organizations of Ometepe, among others. many others.

The new list of the regime

For this Thursday, the Assembly has already listed a second batch of one hundred NGOs to be outlawed by the Sandinista steamroller. Among the NPOs to be canceled is the Grupo Venancia Civil Association, the Foundation of War Excombatants for Reconciliation, Peace and Development; National Association of Geologists and Related Professionals, Foundation for Municipal Development and Promotion and the Foundation for Attention to Labor Migrations.

Others on the list to be canceled are the Nicaraguan Foundation for Unity, Peace and Development, the Foundation for the Social Development of Communities, the Association of University Students and Professionals, the Save a Child Association, the Association for the Cultural Development of Camino and the Association for Technical Training and Social integration.

In addition, the Association for European Integration Studies in Central America, Esa Central America, the Christian Association to Integrally Promote the Human Being and Fight Poverty, the Foundation for Integral and Democratic Development, the Renacer Association, the Center for the Promotion of Integral Rehabilitation Foundation, Association Organization for the Claims for the Barefoot and Hope Against Poverty Association, among many others.

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