Tribute to Viviana Mariño, the first journalistic manager of Télam

Tribute to Viviana Mariño, the first journalistic manager of Télam

Photo: Carlos Luna

The authorities and workers of Télam paid this Monday an emotional tribute to the journalist and teacher Viviana Marinowho was the first woman journalistic manager of the state news agency and died on June 24 at the age of 51.

During the tribute, which was attended by colleagues from the academic and professional fields and Mariño’s family, the president of the Télam board of directors, Bernarda Llorentehighlighted the deceased journalist as “a fundamental pillar” at the agency and stressed that with her there was “a gender vindication of many women who had been left behind in the famous glass ceiling”.

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The tribute act, in which the staff of the agency and former colleagues of Mariño participated in Argentinian time Y anccomin addition to teachers of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBAwhere he worked as a teacher, was led by Llorente and included the placement of a commemorative plaque on the second floor of the headquarters on Belgrano Avenue, where the radio studios work.

“In memory of Viviana Mariño, first journalistic manager of the National News Agency Télam SE – November 2022”, reads the plaque discovered in her tribute.

Photo Leo Cow
Photo: Leo Cow

During the event, Llorente assured that “in Viviana there was a gender vindication of many women, even in the agency, who had been left behind in the famous ‘glass ceiling’. We thought it important to highlight this on the plaque, beyond all their professional merits, because the ground that we women have gained is a milestone for the future, but above all, what is still missing”.

And I add: “Viviana was a fundamental pillar in this reconstruction of Télam, which was not only circumstantial, but also the foundations that we were able to lay for the future of the agency.”

Photo Leo Cow
Photo: Leo Cow

Llorente explained that the plaque in memory was placed in the agency’s radio studio because it is a symbolic space that, when he began his tenure at the agency, “was absolutely destroyed” and “it was one of the first points that we began to rebuild”.

Mariño, died at the age of 51, “honored his profession” and believed in the younger generations militating at the university and within Télam to “improve journalism,” he added.

“From the professional and personal we still miss her every day. I remember her working to the end, with her dignity, her smile and professionalism, and her professional and personal pride. Vivi lives in each one of us and we hope that her imprint and the memory of her continue to do so; and that is the meaning of the plate,” concluded the president of the Télam board of directors.

Photo Leo Cow
Photo: Leo Cow

Journalist Fernando PianaMariño’s life partner, discovered the plaque together with Llorente and highlighted Viviana’s “transparency” in the profession, her performance in public communication and militancy, which left a mark on her time at Tiempo Argentino, Télam, Anccom and as a member of a guild.

In this sense, he said that “He was a complete person in terms of delivery”and added that “this last stage is very interesting to remember, because it is a great synthesis of what she sought all her life because she believed in collective construction.”

Télam’s journalistic deputy manager, German Alemannicelebrated “the well-deserved and opportune recognition that the figure and work of Viviana has.”

“It honors the professional, militant and passionate contribution that even today he makes to contribute to the reconstruction of Télam and provide it with new horizons and communication practices”held.

Photo Leo Cow
Photo: Leo Cow

Also a group of interns and former interns of Télamstudents of the Communication major at the University of Buenos Aires, expressed their gratitude to Mariño “for his professionalism, respect, passion and attentive listening that inspired many generations” of journalists as a teacher and tutor at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the UBA, where he was also a fundamental part of the Anccom News Agency.

“We will always be proud that we were part of the internship initiative that she created, and we will remember her as an example to follow,” he said. Laura Pomiliointern of the Political section of the agency on behalf of the students.

Finally, the journalist from Tiempo Argentino Nicholas Eislerwho shared the job in the newsroom with Viviana Mariño for 12 years, highlighted his generosity and emphasized that he “loved journalism.”

“This tribute is a source of pride for all of us who knew her and a huge act of justice for those who give up everything for journalism without asking for anything in return”he concluded.

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