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Treasury pays R$1.29 billion in state debts in November

The Union paid R$ 1.29 billion in overdue state debts in November, according to the Report on Guarantees Honored by the Union in Credit Operations and Counter-Guarantee Recoveryreleased today (7) by the National Treasury.Treasury pays R$1.29 billion in state debts in November

Of the total, R$638.06 million are unpaid debts by the state of Rio de Janeiro; R$ 302.57 million for Pernambuco; R$ 106.10 million for Rio Grande do Sul; R$ 87.48 million for Piauí; R$ 77.04 million for Goiás; R$ 50.11 million for Maranhão; R$ 25.77 million for Alagoas and R$ 5.11 million for Rio Grande do Norte.

This year, there are already R$ 8.70 billion in state debts honored by the Union. Those with the highest amounts paid were the states of Rio de Janeiro (R$ 3.33 billion), Minas Gerais (R$ 1.98 billion) and Goiás (R$ 1.21 billion).

Since 2016, the Union has paid R$50.61 billion in guaranteed debts. In addition to the monthly report, the National Treasury also makes data available on the Honored Warranties Panel🇧🇷

The guarantees represent the assets offered by the Union – represented by the National Treasury – to cover possible defaults on loans and financing by states, municipalities and other entities with national banks or foreign institutions, such as the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). As the guarantor of the operations, the Union is informed by creditors that a certain portion of the contract has not been settled.

If the entity does not fulfill its obligations within the stipulated period, the Treasury compensates for defaults, but discounts the amount covered by blocking ordinary federal transfers, in addition to preventing new financing. There are cases, however, of blocking the execution of counter-guarantees based on the adoption of a tax recovery regime or through judicial decisions that suspended execution.

In 2022, the Union recovered BRL 212.40 million in counter-guarantees. The amount refers to debts paid by the state of Minas Gerais (R$ 163.16 million) and Rio Grande do Norte (R$ 49.24 million). Since 2016, the amount recovered is R$ 5.60 billion.

secured debts

In the last Quarterly Report on Secured Credit Operations, released in September, the Treasury informed that the total outstanding balance of guarantees granted by the Union to credit operations is R$ 280.57 billion. The state of São Paulo is the Federation unit with the highest debt balance, R$ 37.55 billion.

The states concentrate 77.8% of guaranteed operations, with a debt balance of R$ 218.30 billion. Next are municipalities and federal banks, with 10.4% (R$ 29.21 billion) and 7.1% (R$ 20 billion), respectively, of the outstanding balance. Controlled entities, such as water and energy companies, hold 2.7% (R$ 7.47 billion) and federal state companies, 2% (R$ 5.58 billion).

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