Transit urges bus drivers not to leave students on the streets

Transit urges bus drivers not to leave students on the streets

The Director of Transit, Colonel Roberto Porcel, met with the representatives of the cooperatives and the unions of the transport sector to remind them of mandatory compliance with current regulations, which refers to the obligations and fines of the work of bus drivers on the streets of our city.

Article 433 of the Traffic Code and Regulations grants priority on the road to children and young people, pregnant women, the elderly and people with disabilities. In the same document, it states in article 67 that passenger and driver owe each other a courteous and respectful treatment.

Porcel said that the Traffic officers They will check the arrival and departure times of classes. so that “there is no discrimination of drivers, especially with minor students since in some cases they are not allowed go up and pass by as if they hadn’t been seen.”

At the meeting, the leaders promised to inform their members about their obligations to avoid being sanctioned.

The Gigavisión network reported that a driver on line 45 was transferred to Transit when he was reported for not stopping to pick up a student.

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