Trans political prisoner Brenda Díaz sick in Cuban jail

MADRID, Spain.- The trans political prisoner Brenda Díaz García, sentenced by the Cuban regime to 14 years in prison for her participation in the popular demonstrations of 9/11, is ill in prison, without receiving the necessary medicines or food.

His mother, Ana Mary García, through a direct message on her social networks He announced that the young woman has a fever, “that she can’t handle the cold anymore.”

It is worth noting that Brenda, 29, is a carrier of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), and is confined in the male section of the prison for people with HIV Cuba-Panama, in Güines, Mayabeque province.

“She came back with the cold back, because she says that they don’t take her out to the patio —for 15 days—, they don’t take detachment seven out to sunbathe, which is where she is when they know that they are people who have a disease, that they should not catch a relapse, that they should not bathe with cold water as is happening”, explained Ana Mary García.

“Let nothing happen to her… I’m already tired of Brenda living and dying complaining to me about what happens in the prison, about the lack of food, the lack of medicines,” warned the lady.

“They are violating all the rights of the inmates. How long do we have to hold out? Until our children are dead? questioned Ana Mary García.

She assured that she is not going to allow her daughter to die in a prison… “I am ready for anything, because I am not going to let her die. He is already well abused, ”she declared.

“Gentlemen, come on, we are going to defend our children and our relatives who are in prison,” he called.

Brenda Diaz

Brenda Díaz was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the alleged crimes of “public disorder” and “sabotage” in the 9/11 protests. Last April, in a second trial, the regime increased her sentence by seven more months for an alleged crime of “contempt.”

At the beginning of this month, Mariela Castro Espín, director of the state Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) of Cuba, said at a press conference that Brenda Díaz was “very well” in the male section of the prison for people with HIV Cuba-Panama.

“Her mother even expressed that she felt very calm that Brenda was still there,” said Mariel Castro.

However, after Castro Espín’s statements were disclosed, Ana Mary García denied the official information about her daughter’s condition in conversation with Radio Television Martí.

“All the things that Brenda has been through in prison have been real. Brenda has not been treated medically and there they do not give her any type of medication,” García said. “And the [antir]retrovirals that are now being given to him, because I also had to take him three months ago [antir]retrovirals. That is an HIV prison and they are obliged to give him all the medicines”, she added.

For her part, Brenda Díaz, through her mother, He sent a message addressed to Mariela Castro in which she urged her that when she returns to the Cuba-Panama prison, “make an unscheduled visit” and go “through the detachments to talk with the prison population.”

The young transgender woman also claims to be tired of “the fallacies that have gotten into her [Mariela Castro Espín] and all the personnel of this country on this prison [la cárcel Cuba-Panamá]”.

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