Fassil bank workers block the first ring to demand payment of their salaries and social benefits

Fassil bank workers block the first ring to demand payment of their salaries and social benefits

May 31, 2023, 10:25 AM

May 31, 2023, 10:25 AM

As they had announced, the workers of the Fassil bank resumed the demonstrations demanding payment of their salaries and social benefits owed to them. Moreover, it is expected that these measures will be joined by the Central Obrera Departamental, as defenders of the labor sector.

“We demand the greatest speed possible, because the working family of Banco Fassil is being greatly affected. There are colleagues who are about to be evicted from their homes, they have debts to pay and time continues to tick.”remarked Rajif Echalar, lawyer for the workers of Banco Fassil, which is being intervened by ASFI.

To this is added the request for a six-month extension for the payment of credits pending that Fassil workers have in the different banking entities, Well, by not receiving their salaries, they say that they have no way to comply with the payment of said credits.

As one of the first measures, lOfficials decided to block the first ring, the blocking point was installed on Ejército Rivas avenue.

For his part, Lenny Valdivia, former director of the Supervisory Authority of the Financial System (ASFI), considers that the event gave rise to “a lot of speculation” and “anxiety”.

Four days have passed since the death of Carlos Alberto Colodro, Fassil’s controller, and the ASFI still has not named the new controller, despite the fact that on Sunday the director of the institution, Reynaldo YujraHe said that he will try to get that action done “as soon as possible.”

That “is an exclusive attribution of the Financial System Supervisory Authority. Once the director of ASFI (Yujra) makes that decision, he will make it known who the new controller is, ”said last Monday, the vice minister of Pensions and Financial Services, Ivette Espinoza. “I think (that) is going to be as soon as possible,” she added.

However, Valdivia specified that “there is no term” for that designation; however, the succession of events “merits that the ASFI director immediately proceed to appoint another intervenera task that “will not be easy”.

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