This will be the transformation of the interbalnearia route at the height of Parque del Plata: look at the photos

The appearance of the Interbalnearia route is about to change at the height of Parque del Plata, at the intersection between the Interbalnearia and Av. Argentina.

As explained by the director of Roads of the Ministry of Transport and Public Works (MTOP), Hernán Ciganda, to El Observador “it is a complex intersection, in which accidents occurred”, so the work will improve and order the flow of on-site traffic.

Specific, the intervention will raise the interbalnearia route and Av. Argentina will pass under it. In addition, a roundabout will be built. The construction of side streets that will serve as a detour was also arranged.

The project is expected to be finished in the first days of December.

The coordinator of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, Joselo Hernández, published on his Twitter account images of what that section will look like once the work is completed.

In construction

At 7:30 this Wednesday, the reduction of the north road of the Interbalnearia route began at the height of Parque del Plata. For this reason, circulation on the north road of the interbalnearia route between kilometers 52,000 and 51,000 is affected, with traffic being enabled in a single lane, as reported by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works.

In addition, for this reason, the left turn from Montevideo to Parque del Plata (North) will remain enabled.

Next Step: Salt Flats

The MTOP Director of Roads, Hernán Ciganda, announced that works are being studied in Salinas. This area is more complex in terms of hydraulics, which is why it is also being exchanged with the Municipality of Canelones.

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