Topolansky: "The shirt must be light blue on one side and pink on the other." in the Uruguay match

As a way to balance the advertising campaign for the referendum to repeal or maintain 135 articles of the Law of Urgent Consideration (LUC), the former senator of the Broad Front Lucía Topolansky launched a proposal for the match that the Uruguayan team will play against Peru next week for the qualifiers.

“I don’t know if the AUF will take it to me: on 24 the shirt has to be up to here, on one side light blue and on the other pink”said.

For the former vice president, the campaigns in favor of Yes and No have imbalances, basically due to the participation of President Lacalle Pou holding a press conference on Wednesday the 23rd.

“There has to be a certain question of balance. (On the one hand there is) a chain that will be seven, eight minutes (in favor of the Yes) and on the other a press conference that should be in that time in any case, but it will not be like that, “he said in a press conference recorded by CW 33 La Nueva Radio Florida

“We already have an imbalance. Also for the president of all Uruguayans to take a stand. That had never been seen. In the government of Lacalle’s father, there was an important plebiscite on public companies and the president of that time did not come out”, he pointed out. “This is a novelty that I do not like. Beyond all the discussion of colors,” he added.

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