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How much Arajet intends to invest in the purchase of aircraft

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How much Arajet intends to invest in the purchase of aircraft

The new one airline Arajet, of mixed capital: Dominican and foreign, plans to allocate around 2,100 million dollars in the purchase of 20 planes boeing 737max 8an amount that could be increased to 4,200 million dollars to acquire another 20 and complete an order for 40 new aircraft.

For the acquisition of planesthe company is supported by two investment firms: Griffin Capital Management and Bain Capitalforeign companies that would be investing up to 75% of the resources so that the new company of air Transport take flight.

This was announced by Arajet’s communications vice president, Manuel Luna, who explained that Bain Capital is one of the world’s largest asset managers and Griffin is an investment fund specializing in aeronautics.

“There are five planes new ones that will enter between now and June. And then, starting in February 2023, 15 more will be delivered. After those 15 (aircraft) it is optional for the company to deliver 20 more to reach up to 40 planes, Moon detailed.

He announced that between February and March of next year Arajet will receive one plane each month to complete the remaining 15, with which they plan to expand their operations.

The airline will operate under the model of ultra low cost and will begin operations in May with flights to Costa Rica, Colombia, Jamaica and other Caribbean islands, with the plane named “Pico Duarte.”

As of June they will leave, as reported, incorporating more aircraft and opening new destinations on the continent and it is expected that flights to the United States will begin in the second half of the year.

The executive argued that Boeing 737 Max 8 it is currently the most fuel efficient aircraft in the world. He indicated that, although the US-made aircraft model had two accidents due to a technical issue, they have been corrected.

“It is the same plane that American (Airlines) flies every day, five flights from Miami to Santo Domingo. It is an aircraft that flies to 189 countries every day,” Luna explained in the face of complaints expressed by different users about the aircraft model that the company will use.

National investors

According to Víctor Méndez Pacheco, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Arajet, the airline’s local investors are made up of Manuel Ramos, Manuel Diez, Marcos José Jorge León, Julia Borja and Giselle Méndez.

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