Tomorrow only one party will go on Sunday to elect their candidates in internal elections

Tomorrow, Sunday, May 22, the second part of the internal elections will be held in the Huancavelica region.

Walter Tello Suarez, head of the ONPE focal point in Huancavelica, stated that on May 15 the parties that chose through the “direct election” system attended, while, on this occasion, it will be the political parties that chose the modality of vote by delegates who go to the polls.

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“In the Huancavelica region, the group that opted for this modality (election by delegates) is FREPAP, who will participate again this Sunday, May 22, where they chose five delegates, who will elect their representatives for the candidacies of regional government, government provincial and district”, said Tello Suarez.

He added: “For this, we have made the coordination for security, with the National Police and the Armed Forces, from Huancayo, who will come this Sunday.”

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The electoral material will arrive in Huancavelica today and will be installed in the La Victoria school in Ayacucho; campus that will open its doors from 7:00 am to wait for the polling station members and the five FREPAP voters.


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“Contact was made with the representatives of FREPAP, because on the 15th there was no participation of them in Huancavelica, they already sent us a list of their four table members and the delegates were also informed to participate this Sunday,” explained the official from ONPE.

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