Carjackers stopped thanks to the victim’s GPS

These are key hours to evaluate the clinical evolution of the mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero, José Carlos Acevedo, who last Tuesday was the victim of an attack and is now fighting for his life. Doctors await a favorable evolution to perform a computed tomography angiography.

The last medical report was provided in the morning hours of this Friday. By maintaining the same parameters, it was decided that no report would be issued in the afternoon.

It is worth mentioning that this Friday, the mayor of Pedro Juan had to undergo a CT angiography, which could not be carried out since his health condition was not optimal for the study.

Dr. David Peña, head of intensive care at the Viva Vida Sanatorium, explained that given his delicate condition it is risky to move him, so the team of neurologists, after an evaluation, suggested waiting another 24 hours, which will be fulfilled this Saturday in the morning. morning.

The cranial tomography and the angiotomography, rescheduled for this Saturday, will allow us to have a better picture of the state in which the mayor of Pedro Juan Caballero is.

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