Together Finance seeks capital to grow

Together Finance seeks capital to grow

As far as collections are concerned, in addition to the direct debit of payments and transfers through the Broxel application, with which its clients can receive remittances and payments with debit and credit cards, Juntos Financiera achieved an alliance to make deposits at convenience stores and pharmacies.

“If the client presents his debit card, even with the name of Juntos Financiera, but on the back it says a company operated by Broxel, the money goes to the Broxel debit account. At no time does Juntos Financiera receive a fundraising peso, it is prohibited by the authorities,” Hubard stressed.

New members

In August it was announced that Jaime González Aguadé and Bernardo González Rosas, former heads of the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), were joining the Juntos Financiera team. On that movement, they arrive as partners. González Aguadé is part of the board of directors and González Rosas is part of the corporate governance committee.

The objective, highlighted Miguel Gallardo, is to involve people whose interests and values ​​are aligned with Juntos Financiera, in addition to having the appropriate preparation and experience. “It’s not just money for money,” he maintained.

Sofom has a corporate governance, eight directors -three independent-; in addition to committees such as audit, risk and ethics, among others.


Security not only has to do with avoiding fraud, but also with avoiding economic problems such as those that have occurred in recent months with companies such as Unifin -in the process of restructuring- and Crédito Real -in bankruptcy-.

To avoid payment problems, Juntos Financiera has security filters and the credit scoring, which throws calculations of security and risk of its clients with what they elaborate a traffic light, they check that the client is who he says he is. In addition, with the support of the BGBG office, there is a team of Financial Together responsible for preventing crimes such as money laundering.

Regarding the frauds using the name of Justos Financiera, something that they warn about on their website, Hubard specified that “we never ask for a peso to authorize or grant a loan; we don’t ask for anything up front,” she maintained. “This is an issue that affects the entire financial sector,” she lamented.

Regarding the information of its clients, “all the data is encrypted and cannot be removed,” assured Mauricio Hubard.

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