Tigo suggests three ideas to enjoy Father's Day at home

Tigo suggests three ideas to enjoy Father’s Day at home

Athletes, executives, intellectuals, gamers, each father has a different style, and although celebrating it on his day is not a complicated job, matching his tastes to give him a good gift or spend a moment with them has become, in the recent times, in a challenging task.

For the parents who like to spend more time at home and enjoy family, Whether watching a movie, shouting the goals of your favorite team or playing video games with your children, there are countless good alternatives that will make you go from a normal weekend to an extraordinary one.
The telecommunications company, Tigo proposes three ideas for a perfect Father’s Day at home.

1. Video game day

There are parents who become children when it comes to video games, and for the generation that grew up between the 80’s and 90’s, these are an important part of their lives and what better gift than spending moments of adrenaline challenging them with a good videogame.

The options that range from God of war, a series of adventures of a Spartan demigod who faces various characters from Greek and Nordic mythology, to video games such as Xplorer, Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein and FIFA, for parents who, in addition to videogames are fascinated by football, they can be enjoyed on consoles and mobile phones through the internet.

If it’s about online games, Tigo makes its game packages available, which for 3 bolivianos allow you to play 24 hours or access any Post Payment Megaplan and for an additional 35 bs per month you can have unlimited access to four games.

2. Sports to watch as a family

There are parents who could attend every soccer game all day without interruption. For those sports fans, the programming options on channels like FOX sport ESPN, TyC Sports and Tigo Sports offer the best of sports for all tastes.

Tigo’s proposal includes Tigo Hogar Initial Plan that offers for Bs 299, 100 channels in SD and 8 channels in HD, 30 Mbps internet speed at home, WiFi modem and 30 minutes for calls. The other option is the Megaplan for cell phones, also for Bs 299, which comes with unlimited megabytes, the Hostpot service to share up to 5 GB of internet with another device, 8 favorite numbers, 100 minutes for calls and access to the mobile application of Tiger Sports.

3. Movies to ‘binge’

Many films and series related to fatherhood that will surely excite more than one on Father’s Day will be on the streaming ‘billboard’ this weekend.

Inspired by a true story, Netflix offers the movie Fatherhood, the story of a newly widowed dad dealing with doubts, fears and dirty diapers while raising his daughter on his own. Also, and for those who are more attached to the comedy genre, there are Dad’s nursery, They are like children and War of dads 2.

Amazon Prime also has its ‘artillery’ of parent-child movies ready with: Fighting with My Family and Miracle in Cell 7, a love story between a mentally ill father wrongfully accused of murder and his adorable six-year-old daughter. years.

To enjoy these movies to the fullest, Tigo enabled the Total Initial Plan, which for Bs 409, includes unlimited megabytes for the cell phone, cable television and unlimited fixed internet at home. The television service includes 100 SD channels, 49 HD channels, 50 digital music channels, Tigo Sports HD app and channel, 40 Mbps fixed internet speed, WiFi modem, 80 minutes on Tigo online, unlimited mobile megabytes, unlimited SMS , 5 favorite numbers and the Hostpot service to share up to 10 GB of internet with other devices.

Maria Laura Mendoza, Manager of Brand and Institutional Communication of Tigo, also pointed out that those who subscribe to any of the plans mentioned above will have, as a courtesy, three months of access to the Amazon Prime Video platform and that from the fourth month a charge of Bs 45 is made in addition to the contracted plan.

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