Tico union asks to vote for social fighters in elections

In defining its position before the 2022 elections, Undeca recalls that the Ticos cannot forget the aggression against the working class and the people by neoliberal political parties such as Liberación Nacional, Acción Ciudadana, Unidad Social Cristiana, Restauración Nacional and Nueva República, whose deputies passed laws such as the Fiscal Combo.

That legislation, he recalls, included the Value Added Tax, affecting the people and attacking and precarious wages, severance pay and annuities, among others, of public employees.

Likewise, it points out that these parties promote the bill – which Undeca describes as unconstitutional – of Public Employment to destroy the Social State of Law, harm and close public institutions.

About 3.5 million Costa Rican voters are summoned on February 6 to choose the president, two vice presidents and the 57 deputies to the Legislative Assembly, who will hold office in the 2022-2026 period.

Undeca maintains that in the fight against the harmful legal projects they were together with members of the Costa Rican Trade Union and Social Unit Blockade (Bussco) and other groups were conclusive in the need to support new political alternatives for the people in this electoral process.

“Today, non-neoliberal parties and new political options participate in the elections with outstanding social fighters, honest people who represent the working class, who have been fighting against this savage capitalism,” says the union text.

He highlights that Undeca and Bussco are part of this process with leaders who participate in this campaign, because they are convinced of the urgency of committed deputies who, with a firm attitude, come to govern for the real Costa Rican families.

Together if it is possible to build and achieve a different future. Vote for social fighters, firm in the fight”, concludes the Undeca message.


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