Three women remain in charge of a local government in Cuba

According to the broadcaster Rebel Radio (RR), in the city of Manzanillo, in the south of the Granma province, three women were elected to lead the Municipal Assembly of People’s Power, a fact that happens for the second time since the local government bodies were established in 1976.

The 108 delegates from that territory elected Rocío Naranjo and Ana Isabel Ramírez as president and vice president, respectively. While Liudmila Guerra will assume as secretary.

Although in recent years the female presence in political positions has increased, the case of Manzanillo seems to be unique throughout the national territory.

Photo: Radio Rebelde.

According to RR, in Cuba 182 women were elected as presidents and vice presidents, representing 54.49%, and blacks and mulattoes increased to 131″.

The 168 Municipal Assemblies of People’s Power were constituted, made up of 1,422 district delegates recently elected in voting marked by abstentionism.

For this Sunday, December 18, the election of the president and vice president in the Old Havana municipality was pending. The delegates will exercise their mandate for a period of five years.

The Cuban Constitution establishes that the Municipal Assembly of Popular Power is the highest body of State power in its demarcation and exercises the powers assigned to it.

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