Three strategies to avoid the blow of the current crisis in gastronomic businesses

Three strategies to avoid the blow of the current crisis in gastronomic businesses

The is still a breaking point that impacts many industries today, but one of the most affected is that ofthat have had to apply new methods of attention, delivery, functionalities, among other aspects. Therefore, a specialist in the field points out three strategies to continue advancing without so many inconveniences.

A fundamental and necessary point for these businesses are the collaborators, the work team is the first contact with the external public and provides the required attention for the clients, says Jorge Cerna, director of the Gastronomy and Business Management career at the University Le Cordon Bleu.

“Many businesses can maintain their work team thanks to new implementations, but also to the fact that a percentage of service that goes from 5% to 13% approximately is applied, of course, depending on each establishment. This helps to generate a little more income and that part of the full payroll can be maintained”Explain.

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consumer responses

Today’s diners continue to enjoy eating out at restaurants usually as a family or as recreational time with friends or others. This is also thanks to the facilities that businesses share, such as offering digital menus or letters so that the public can choose more comfortably from their phones.

In addition to various payment methods in cash, cards or even electronic wallets, which is what most prefer today.

VAT regulations in favor of the gastronomic sector

A couple of weeks ago, the regulations regarding the reduction of the tax from 18% to 8% in relation to the tourism sector were announced. This, in turn, is a relief for hundreds of companies and businesses, and a boost for them to continue working, investing and providing quality service.

This provision is specifically aimed at refloating service companies, allowing them to take advantage of this difference in VAT as part of their economic benefit and counteract the increases generated by the crisis.

Search for new ingredients for the dishes

The increase in prices of some supplies has not represented a halt in the daily activities of restaurants, on the contrary, merchants have had to look at other replacement options regarding ingredients and be creative to even surprise their customers, and take advantage of in innovating your letter.

The INEI comments that, in the month of June of this year, the set of restaurants showed an enormous development of 31.36%. Among the businesses that have had a better performance are chicken shops, restaurants, fast foods, chifas, tourist restaurants, coffee restaurants, cevicherías and meats and grills.

“It is essential to mention that opening and working in a restaurant will always be profitable due to the same need for food of people and that they themselves seek variety and always have the opportunity to try new things and experiences”ends the spokesman.


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