La Romana: Abaten hombre que mató a dos civiles e hirió seis policías

La Romana: They kill a man who killed two civilians and injured six policemen

Agents of the National Police killed the man who barricaded himself in a house and killed two people and injured six police officersin an event recorded on Thursday in the Guaymate alley, Villa Pereira sector, in La Romana.

Is about Román Guerrero Tavárez, known as “Daniel the cabinetmaker”who was shot down around 12:30 midnightafter more than seven hours of clashes with law enforcement officials.

According to witnesses, the individual remained barricaded in a house with a riflewhere he fired several shots, and held a lieutenant hostage.

They indicated that El Ebanista was a person who suffered from mental problems, and who started the shooting “because he felt that criminals were chasing him.”

The man’s body was reportedly taken to the morgue.

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