Social Unpredictability

Social Unpredictability

The IPS exists in theory to cover the health problems of the insured and prepare them for retirement. He collects two million dollars per month but he lacks everything and his future is black. Its authorities, in addition to miserably stealing, have been procrastinating solutions to prevent dramas that could be serious and even fatal tomorrow.

In the serious dilemmas that arise when putting aside the preventive attitude and awareness, one that does not seem to be part of the national tekó or our way of being is honesty in the management of public affairs, as reported by the Comptroller.

This Institution that exists since 1943 to respond well to what an insured person needs to have, above all, security in their present and future. We urgently need to correct their ways of administering and/or managing social security. The IPS summarizes all the worst in administrative matters and in terms of health, the risks not only of losing one’s legs are real, but life itself. The current administration has worked hard to overcome the previous ones, which were already very bad.

Foreseeing consists of preparing or arranging in advance the necessary means to reduce the negative effects of an action. They must have all the tools and methods already predisposed for their correct operation. And not how we get used to just seeing how camps of relatives of insured persons forced to buy medicines that should be provided by the pension are formed.

Many of these problems of supplies, salaries and medical personnel can be solved if there is a real spirit and intention to make it work because until now their administrators show that the only thing they want is to steal. The big losers are the bosses and the employees, the true owners of the IPS. a pity

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