En el norte de Quito se encuentra uno de los sectores más caros de América Latina.

Three Ecuadorian neighborhoods, among the most expensive in the region

La Carolina, Samborondón and San Sebastián are among the 16 neighborhoods with the highest cost of living, especially in relation to home values.

According to a latest study by the Properati company, three neighborhoods Ecuadorians are among the 16 most expensive to acquire a living place in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The purchase of a house is considered a parameter to measure the real cost of living; and what is the purchasing power and consumption of the middle class.

In 11th place, with a cost of the $ 1,598 square meter, is the neighborhood Quiteño from Carolina. In the last year, prices in this sector fell by 2%, hand in hand with the decrease in income of the capital’s middle class.

Nowadays, a family needs an income of at least $ 854 per month to finance the purchase of a home; but around 40% of households, included within the so-called middle class, have seen their budget reduced to less than $ 805.

In 12th place, with a cost of the square meter of $ 1,429, is the sector of Samborondon, in Guayas. That area, before the Covid-19 pandemic, had the highest prices; But the current crisis has caused those prices to fall by more than 13% during the last year and a half.

This drop is the largest that has been recorded within the neighborhoods most expensive in the region.

In position 15, with a cost of the $ 1,159 square meter, is in the sector of Saint Sebastian, in Cuenca. Since the start of the pandemic, the value of real estate has risen by around 4%.

Although they differ in the behavior of house prices, Quito and Guayaquil are the two Ecuadorian cities where the price increase is most felt within the basic food basket, especially in food, transportation, health and education.

The most expensive neighborhoods are still in the south of the continent

Puerto Madero, in Buenos Aires, maintains number one on the list of more expensive neighborhoods. On average, the square meter costs $ 6,002. In second place, is the Vitacura, in Santiago de Chile, with $ 4,419 per square meter. The top three closes with Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro, with $ 3,831 per square meter.

In the case of the closest neighbors, there are two neighborhoods with a higher cost of living compared to the three Ecuadorians included in the list.

Thus, in position seven out of sixteen, is the San Isidro sector, in Lima; averages a cost per square meter of $ 2,415; while, in place eight, the neighborhood of Chicó, in Bogotá, registers $ 2,407 per square meter.

The five neighborhoods where prices have risen the most in recent months are: Pance, in Cali (24% more); Vitacura, in Santiago de Chile (20% more); Carrasco, in Montevideo (15%); Chicó, in Bogotá (14% more); Bosque de Las Lomas, Mexico City (11%).

On the other hand, the places where prices fell the most are: Samborondon, in Guayaquil (13% less); San Isidro, in Lima (6% less); El Prado, in Barranquilla (5% less); Ipanema, in Rio de Janeiro (3% less); Carolina, in Quito (2% less). (JS)


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