Three companies bid for the tender for the extension of Metro Line 1

Some three companies bid for the Panama Metro tender for the comprehensive railway system for the extension of Line 1 to Villa Zaíta with an estimated value of $ 33.7 million.

The companies interested in the Panama Metro tender are Grupo SAT made up of Alstom Panamá, SA, Sofratesa de Panamá, INC., And Thales Six GTS France SAS. They are also interested in the tender that is awarded by line Almost Panama and Celmec SA

The Panama Metro requires design engineering services, construction of civil works, auxiliary line installations and stations and interfaces with the Comprehensive Railway System for the extension of Line 1 of the Panama Metro to Villa Zaíta.

The SAT Group presented a proposal for the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the Signaling and Centralized Control systems.

His proposal was for $ 31.3 million and the Panama Metro has a reference price of $ 24 million.

At the point of design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the energy system, the company Almost Panama offered $ 5.9 million and the company Celmec $ 7.9 million. The reference price is $ 9.5 million.

The extension of Line 1 to Villa Zaíta will be developed in a South-North direction, starting from the completion of the structure of the existing viaduct of Line 1 at Pk 15 + 646 located on the central vehicular axis of Transístmica Avenue.

The Panama North Line Consortium, made up of the construction companies OHL, MOTA ENGIL, is in charge of the construction of the extension of Line 1 of the Panama Metro to Villa Zaita, by offering the best technical and economic proposals to develop the work with an investment of $ 203.9 million including the financing price.

The contractor that is awarded each line must take into consideration that it will work in full coordination with Contractors of other lines and with the civil works contractor, taking into account the premises of the schedule and execution period provided for in these specifications.

The extension of Line 1 to Villa Zaita aims to efficiently meet the demand that is generated towards the outskirts of the San Isidro area, so the project includes a terminal station at the northern end of the line, with a capacity greater than 10,000 passengers in rush hour.

In addition, a bus interchange will be built with a capacity of more than 8,000 passengers during peak hours and a vehicle parking lot for about 800 units.

The work has a length of 2.2 kilometers. Among its components is the expansion of the Transismic Highway to 6 lanes and a segment with traffic management at 2 levels, apart from pedestrian and landscaping improvements, which will be developed in the existing easement.

The construction of the extension of line 1 of the Panama Metro began in January of this year.

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