Gregorio Pernía believes that he did not deserve to win reality but his daughter did

Gregorio Pernía believes that he did not deserve to win reality but his daughter did

Gregorio Pernía and his daughter.

After a “complaint” from one of the participants, the Colombian actor spoke about his triumph in the dance contest.

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Gregorio Pernía and his daughter Luna, took the 200 thousand dollars from the first place of the reality show ‘Así se Baila’ from the Telemundo programmer.

The triumph of the 51-year-old Cucuteño actor and that of his 15-year-old daughter was questioned by one of the participants who reflected on the way in which the winners of the dance contest were going to be chosen.

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For Adrián Di Monte, the fact that the winners were chosen by the voting public and not by the qualifying jury influenced the definition of first place.

«The incredible ending, which was not a surprise to any of the other finalists because it was already smelled by many things. I want to make it clear that I have nothing against anyone, in the end it is the program’s format that is to blame, since being the final choice of the public (in its entirety), said program loses all kinds of credibility as a dance competition and stops be completely objective, “said the actor.

Regarding these statements by one of the contestants, Gregorio said that he really does not feel like a winner, but believes that his daughter did deserve the award.

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The evolution of the father and son couple went from less to more in reality and at the end of the contest the more than 5.8 million followers on Instagram of the actor weighed in the final decision of the public.

“Luna was at the level of the others, she lacked it was even,” he commented.

Adrian and Sandra were the ones who deserved to win. I told my wife that I wanted to make a video to invite people to vote for them but in the end we thought that we also made an effort, “said the actor known for his role as ‘El Titi‘in the hit series “Without Breasts there is indeed Paradise.”

Finally, the Colombian announced that with the money earned they will pay some debts and the other part will be donated for social works.

The following video shows the statements of the Colombian actor:

Cover photo: @ gregoriopernía

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